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amsterdam mix (tube 125gr)

amsterdam mix (tube 125gr)

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125 gram if you think of amsterdam you will imagine canal houses, bikes, the skinny bridge, the canals and of course the andreas-crosses and the palace at dam square. all together that created the perfect mix for amsterdam lovers.
this pretty tube is 14,5 cm x 4,5 cm and is filled with 125 gram of candy.

how to store your candy

candy has an official shelf life of one year, but they cannot go bad. they will only get sticky if you leave them in the open air too long. they also don't like heat. so keep the candy in a dry, dark place and close the package after use.


suiker, water, glucose, citroenzuur, kleurstoffen E102, E122, E124 (kunnen de activiteit of oplettendheid van kinderen nadelig beïnvloeden), E131, E153, E170, natuurlijke smaakstof en heel veel liefde*

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